Basketball Skills Training

Members will work directly with an expert MWA trainer on the fundamentals of basketball training.

Drills include but are not limited to dribbling and ball-handling, defensive/offensive strategy, passing, rebounding, shooting, skill development, and foot work. Aside from the physical, individuals will be coached on mental preparation for the purpose of becoming more self-confident and able to handle the pressure of competition. Training offered in groups or private sessions.

Strength & Conditioning

MWA trainers provide exercise programs with workouts designed specifically based upon the needs of each member in order to improve athletic performance in a sport.

Workouts include strength training for improvement of muscular strength, speed and agility work for increased quickness as well as attention to stretching for prevention of injuries and better mechanics. Individuals will make use of both free weights and functional equipment within their workout. VO2 max testing may also be utilized as a means of measuring cardiovascular developement and recovery time. Training offered in groups or private sessions.

Personal Training:

A qualified MWA trainer will focus on seeing the member to their health and fitness goals by prescribing the necessary exercise regimen and making nutritional recommendations.

Sessions may include instruction on proper weight and cardiovascular training, plyometrics, and other exercise variations. By setting individual goals and measuring progress through regular fitness assessments members will stay motivated and ultimately be held accountable to their program. Special population training available (i.e. injury rehabilitation, pregnancy, other medical condition).